Bugli’s language services include everything from proofreading and copy editing to copywriting, copy translation and authorized translations.

Your message deserves to reach the recipient in a correct form. Our experienced proofreaders and copy editors review your business texts, correct any language mistakes and can also customize the text for the intended reader. You can specify what kind of editing you want.

Proofreading is a faster review where spelling errors and grammar are corrected.

Copy editing is more thorough and the reviewer can refine word choice, style level, and can adapt the text type to the target group. One step further and we end up in copywriting or copy translation, if the text is to be used for advertising and marketing.

Bugli develops style guides, offers content writing, works with InDesign, and also provides authorized translations to private customers.

Proofreading involves checking your document for grammatical and punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and so forth, and is the final stage of the writing process. We ensure that the appropriate terminology for your industry is used and that the overall readability of the text is improved.

Our clients sometimes require copy editing of texts they have written themselves. Through our editing service, we are able to craft the text so that it is correct and conveys an accurate message to the target audience. These single-language texts can then be translated into another language.

Copywriting involves understanding your industry and your corporate tone of voice, so we can help you express the exact message you want to convey to your target audience. Talk to us about how our copywriting expertise can help grow your business.

While all in-house translations performed by the Bugli Company are subject to review by another member of our team, we also offer this as a separate service to clients who wish to verify the quality of translations carried out elsewhere. This is also a common service carried out at the end of an annual report process involving two languages to ensure that changes made in the master language have been implemented in the translated version.

We always develop a style guide and glossary for each new client detailing the various languages preferences of the organization, for example, how titles, business areas and names of products are translated, the preferred currency format and the tone of voice used in the various types of communications.

We can develop a style guide for internal corporate use that sets standards for documents and provides guidance and answers questions about the preferred corporate style.

This type of assignment is undertaken in close cooperation with a member of the communications team at your company. Contact us to find out more.

The Bugli Company can help you if you have content created in Adobe InDesign and wish to have it translated. Supply us with the InDesign files and we will return the content translated and ready for your design team to add the finishing touches.

The Bugli Company offers certified translations from both Swedish to English and English to Swedish. The governmental authorization is issued by The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

To carry out an authorized translation, we require the original document or an authorized copy. A scanned copy of the document can be sent to us as an e-mail attachment, and the original can be presented when you come to collect the completed translation at our office. We must be able to view either the original or a scanned copy in order to provide you with a quote and an estimated delivery time.