Creative meetings at Bugli.

Our team comprises 12 in-house language professionals specializing in a wide range of fields to meet the needs of our clients. The team also includes our office and finance manager and a project manager.

Our hands-on approach to translation means that the people you meet and talk with on the phone are the people with whom you work.

Read about our team members below:

Donald Hughes
Senior Advisor to Bugli

Authorized Translator
Telephone: +46 8 442 86 00

Foreign languages have been part of my life since I was a teenager and learned French and German at school.

By the time I was 15, I wanted to be an interpreter for French and English. However, my subsequent studies took me down the German road instead. For some years, I taught English in Germany, before I moved north and added Swedish to my skills. Throughout the years, I always did some translation work in addition to teaching.

After a few years in Sweden, I became a full-time Swedish-English translator with The Bugli Company, a job that remains interesting and satisfying even after 18 years. And where I have ended up is not far from what I thought I would do at age 15.

Since 2016 provides The Bugli Company subsidiary also multi-language services. This is a response to demand from existing clients for services beyond English and Swedish.

James Dowling
Managing Director

Authorized Translator
Telephone: +467048331174

I think everybody probably had one or two teachers in high school that really stood out and inspired them. For me, this was my Irish teacher. His passion and flair for the Gaelic language was infectious and the unique antics he used in the classroom to convey his knowledge have stayed with me to this day. “Keep it simple and don’t be afraid to make mistakes” was his recipe for learning a language, and this was the advice I followed when I arrived in Sweden back in 1994.

Swedish eventually took over as my second language and a few years ago I combined this knowledge with my qualification as an economist and entered the translation business at Bugli.
Looking back, I can now see that growing up with a second language and being taught by inspiring individuals played a major role in my decision to work in the field of translation.

Nick Haunton

Telephone: +46703347900

I have always been interested in languages ever since I was a child.

The English may not have the best reputation at speaking foreign languages, but I loved learning French and German at school.
I remember the excitement when I went on my first trip aboard – a day-trip to France – and being fascinated by the sights when I travelled to Germany on exchange. I decided to continue studying languages at university, Norwegian and Swedish, and combine them with business studies.

My degree gave me the opportunity to study at different universities in Scandinavia and I have many good friends from this part of the world. Moving to Sweden was a natural step for me and I thoroughly enjoy living here.

Katie Nordström

Telephone: +46704944911

I have been interested in language for as long as I can remember.

As a young girl – before I knew how to read or write – I loved sitting down at the table with my mother, scribbling random symbols on a piece of paper and asking her to “circle the letters”. This sense of inquisitiveness later grew into a passion for reading, which led me to pursue a degree in English and Comparative Literature.

As an avid fan of word games, translation truly is the perfect field for me.

I view every text I work on as a puzzle to be solved.

Geoff Cooper

Telephone: +46739366487

I grew up in the West Midlands and moved to London in my late teens to study Fine Art and Art History at the Chelsea School of Art. In the mid 80s, I moved permanently to Sweden. With a keen interest in languages, I spent the first few years diligently studying and improving my Swedish, an interest that naturally progressed to form the basis of a career in translation.
After many years working as a translator, business analyst and language expert, it is still highly satisfying to work with languages and offers a continual learning process and a daily challenge to transform a Swedish text into the best possible English.

I joined The Bugli Company in December 2016.

Ruth McNaughton

Telephone: +46739366513

I grew up in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales in Australia.

In 1976, I spent 12 months as an exchange student in Ängelholm where I learnt to speak Swedish.
This marked the beginning of a lifelong relationship with languages, and although I later dabbled in French and Spanish, Swedish would always be the language that fascinated me most. I settled in Sweden permanently in 1990 and the magnetic force of language soon led to a career in translation.

After 12 years freelancing, I joined The Bugli Company in August 2010.

John Lightowler

Telephone: +46736274045

With a multicultural and multilingual upbringing from day one, I was born and bred of English parents in Malaysia, where our six inch black and white television ensured an early love of the written word.

My teenage years contained periods spent in England, the Netherlands and Hong Kong before starting my career in London’s financial district. On meeting a wayward Viking in my mid-twenties, I moved to Sweden to another culture and another language in 1992 thus continuing my life of translation.

Since coming to Sweden, I have assisted customers in accurately conveying their message to the intended recipient in the right style and at the appropriate level to achieve the right effect.

The most enjoyable aspect of translation is the ongoing learning process, learning about the customers’ businesses, operating environment and staying up to date with a constantly evolving language.

Gudrun Samuelsson

Telephone: +46739366439

I have always loved languages, particularly English. However, becoming a translator was not always an obvious choice for me.

Immediately after secondary school, I travelled to England and trained as a chef at a French culinary school. I stayed in England for a couple of years and, upon returning home to Sweden, studied English at Stockholm University. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, I began working as a proofreader and freelance editor in the publishing industry, but soon moved into translation. For nearly 20 years, I have translated both fiction and non-fiction. Recently, however, I have increasingly focused on non-fiction texts, primarily in the financial area.

What I enjoy most about working as a translator is that I always learn something new, not only about the language from which I am translating, but also – perhaps most importantly – about my own mother tongue. I also have the opportunity to familiarize myself with a wide variety of subject areas and constantly search for and learn new technical terms. Quite simply, I have taken my greatest interest and made it into my career – a combination that is difficult to beat.

Jane Crossley

Telephone: +46739366437

After arriving in Sweden at the tender age of 18, I first worked with horses and studied Swedish and Business Administration. This led to my first real job at The Bugli Company, which was perfect for me since it incorporated my languages, business administration, and my love of horses was shared by one of my new bosses.

The fact that my colleagues were from all over the world was another positive aspect of my job, since I was able to learn about different cultures and I am also able to use my English on a daily basis.
I am currently working as accountings and office manager, which I find very stimulating and interesting.

Jeff Skinner

Telephone: +46739366506

Learning languages has been a hobby of mine ever since I began teaching myself Russian in addition to my high-school classes in French, thirty years ago in New Hampshire. Swedish was a natural choice for my expanding collection; I grew up speaking a bit with my relatives who had either emigrated themselves or were the children of emigrants.

I began translating as a freelancer after earning my bachelor’s degree in Washington, DC, and kept it up to support myself after seizing an opportunity to move here to Sweden in 2009. I have worked as an in-house translator here in Sweden for over seven years, and joined the team at Bugli in November 2017.

Being able to communicate, whether directly with someone in their language or through translation, provides me with a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction.

Gunilla Hjortvid

Telephone: +46734083331

I translate from English, French and German into Swedish. I have a Master’s Degree in Professional Translation from Gothenburg University. After finishing my studies, I worked as a temporary trainee at the Translation Service of the European Commission in Brussels, and have also translated many texts for the European Union, for example financial documents.
Mechanical engineering and machinery also fascinate me; I have translated chain saw manuals, and nostalgic texts about trams, steam locomotives and other old vehicles.

Originally from the Swedish region of Småland, my heart beats for the entire world. One of my big interests is travelling and other cultures and countries, especially France, where my husband comes from. We share a common passion for outdoor life and blues festivals.

Katherine Koba

Telephone: +46739366473

My mother once joked that I was born with my nose in a book—or maybe that wasn’t a joke. Either way, I fell in love with the written word at an early age, and that love soon spread to words written in other languages. I began studying French and German as soon as my course schedule at school permitted, then picked up Russian and Swedish during university and even spent my spare time trying to learn Korean during the two and a half years I lived outside of Seoul. Throw in a fascination with codes, puzzles and ciphers, and it’s hardly surprising that, after a few detours through copyediting and ESL instruction, I would end up in translation.

Samuel Burton

Telephone: +46739366485

Originally from Ireland, I have been living in Sweden since 2009, and have never regretted making the move. After studying translation and working as a freelancer for some time, I joined the Bugli company at the beginning of 2020.

Together, we thrive on providing communication for our customers. Finding the solutions to those tricky obstacles that are married to the work of translation is gratifying and what maintains our vigor. It is very satisfying to be part of this team.

For me, translation is about the examination of structural bodies, and the pursuit of breaking them down only to then rebuild them with a different but equivalent nature, key to which is the pursuit of comprehension. In this way, the restructuring of language must be the greatest phenomenon of all.

Heike Kirsch

Project Manager
Telephone: +46739366445

During my childhood in the northern part of East Germany, Sweden was close, but still out of reach. Would I ever be able to get on board one of the white ferries that plied between Sassnitz and Trelleborg? I learned Swedish behind the Berlin Wall, with no prospect of actually visiting the country. After the fall of the Wall, I worked at the Swedish General Consulate in Berlin with cultural and press matters, and as an interpreter and translator. Resident in Sweden since 1999, for 15 years, I headed the office of the Swedish-German Language Fund and once again came to understand the significance of linguistic and cultural knowledge in promoting trade relations – and how these suffer when the language and culture of trading partners are neglected. The opportunity to help Bugli ease the communication between businesses is something I regard as an exciting challenge.