Bugli’s history in the form of a collage
created by Spanish artist, Gabriel Asensio Castaneda.

We have been practicing our owner-managed business model for the past 50 years. Read about our journey below.


Ralph W. Bugli, Senior Vice President of the Doremus PR Agency was project manager for PR and English-language materials for Swedish companies in the Swedish Pavilion at the World’s Fair in New York. Mr. Bugli resigned from Doremus in late 1964 and founded The Bugli Company Inc. in New York City. One of the company’s first Swedish clients was Skandinaviska Enskilda Bank.


While serving clients in the US market, Ralph Bugli commuted to Stockholm regularly to provide service to a growing number of corporate clients in addition to SEB, including Alfa-Laval, Asea, Atlas Copco, Fläkt, LKAB, Swedish Match, Stora Kopperberg and Volvo.


Ralph W. Bugli was appointed the first PR manager at Ericsson and assigned the task of establishing a corporate communications unit. The Bugli Company’s operations continued to grow in the US and Sweden, with Ralph W. Bugli commuting twice monthly to Stockholm for meetings with Swedish clients. Early during this period, he was commissioned by Marcus Wallenberg to help write the Ericsson Annual Report in English, marking the start of the Bugli Company’s more than four decades of writing and translation service to Swedish industry.


The Bugli Company Inc. formally opened an office in Stockholm to provide local support to Mr. Bugli and serve the growing client list. The first office was established at Artillerigatan 26.

The Bugli Company AB was registered in November in Sweden.

The Bugli Company AB was registered in November 1976 in Sweden.


The Bugli Company Ltd opened on Regent Street in London. The Bugli Company units in the US, Sweden and London continued to serve clients in their respective markets. A decision was made in 1987 to close the subsidiary in the UK to concentrate on the growing Scandinavian markets.


A contract was signed to sell the Stockholm subsidiary to two senior employees (Chris Hurst and Gary Edwards), with complete takeover of the Swedish subsidiary and the US Parent Company in 1993. The photosetting department and graphics studio in the Stockholm office were closed after a decision to focus solely on language services. The decision was also made to gradually phase out PR operations in the US.


Chris Hurst and Gary Edwards formally assumed full executive control of The Bugli Company Inc and the Stockholm subsidiary. Focus of operations shifted from PR to translation and other language services. Founder Ralph W Bugli, was retained as President of The Bugli Company Inc., with responsibility for North American operations.


The Bugli Company AB moved to Sibyllegatan 17 in 1994 and operations were expanded.


In late 2003, Ralph W. Bugli passed away at the age of 90. He was active in the company until his death.

The founder of one of the oldest translation agencies in Sweden, Ralph W. Bugli.


Gary Edwards and Chris Hurst signed a contract in 2005 to sell the Swedish company to two senior employees, Donald Hughes and Patrick Ronan.

The two owners and public authorized translators, Donald Hughes and Patrick Ronan, refine The Bugli Concept with well-defined processes and structures for translating financial texts and providing high-quality language services.

Donald Hughes and Patrick Ronan


The Bugli Company AB relocated from Sibyllegatan 17 to Luntmakargatan 22. In response to requests from many of our customers, The Bugli Company began offering English-to-Swedish translation services and other Swedish language services. Two translators were employed for this language combination.


The owners of Bugli are also professional and authorized translators.

With the decision of Patrick Ronan to retire on a phased basis, senior staff member James Dowling takes over as Managing Partner of the Bugli Company. The Bugli Company begins offering other language combinations on a per-request basis.


In response to the growing number of requests for translations in other language combinations, The Bugli Company established a subsidiary, Dateline Translations Stockholm AB.


The subsidiary Dateline Translations Stockholm AB was integrated in its entirety with the parent company, The Bugli Company AB.


Donald Hughes reduces his shareholding in the company and assumes the position of Senior Advisor to Bugli. Three employees, Katie Nordström, Nick Haunton and John Lightowler, become partners. James Dowling takes on the role of Managing Director.